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David HOLLOway

Passionate About Inspiring Others

August 2000 as a young college student I walked into a jewelry store after seeing an ad for an apprentice. Coming from a family that owned a total of 3 pieces of jewelry, I had no idea what and apprentice metalsmith was or did.  After waiting an entire day I called to see if the apprenticeship was mine.   Calling again two days after that.  I stopped by in person at the end of the week.  My first day would be, September 11th, 2000.

September 11, 2001.  On my way to work, super excited and ready to celebrate my first year as a metalsmith.  That day the world changed, I changed.  My motivation and the foundation that would make me push myself to be the best that I could be.  To always give my all because tomorrow may never come.  The 11th day in September will always be both wonderful and extremely sad for me.   The combination of joy and pain is what drives me to give everything in every design.  


August 2004 I find myself in a ballroom filled with the cream of the crop, the best of the best.  Most have grown up in the jewelry business and have twenty to fifty years of experience.  The MC steps to the microphone and says, "And the winner is..... David Holloway!"  With just under four years of experience, I took home the first of many awards.  My road was set.  It would be paved with precious metals and gemstones.   

Design Awards / Professional Achievements
  • 2004 CARAT Award Category 2

  • 2005 CARAT Award Category 2 Runner Up

  • 2006 CARAT Award Category 1

  • 2006 CARAT Convention Choice

  • 2007 Jewelers of America Affiliate Category 1

  • 2007 Jewelers of America Affiliate Design Buyers Choice (First time one piece took home two awards)

  • 2007 AjA Craftsmanship Award

  • 2007 CARAT Award Category 2

  • 2008 BW Simon International: Bench Jewelers Passion Awards Ladies Jewelry Finalist (1of3)

  • 2008 CARAT Award Category 1

  • 2008 CARAT Award Category 2

  • 2008 CARAT Award Convention Choice

  • 2009 AjA CARAT Award Category 3 Second Runner Up

  • 2009 AjA Craftsmanship Award

  • 2010 AjA CARAT Award Runner-Up Category 3

  • ______________________

  • Host of 2011 AjA CARAT Awards

  • Host of 2012 AJA CARAT Awards

  • Judge of 2010 BW Simon Bench Jewelers Passion Awards

  • 2010 Instore Mag Smart Show Bench Pressure Challenge paricipant

  • _______________________

  • Youngest person to serve on the board of the AjA

  • Youngest VP of the AjA

  • Youngest  President of the AjA

  • MJSA Council of Custom Jewelers

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